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Dear members,
Once again, we Michauds honored the motto of our association : Feray ce que diray.

It was in the December 2020 Brelan that the board of directors informed you the bold decision to commit financially to a major project. The project to set up a Family Marker on Pierre’s last land which was so aligned with one of the main reasons for being of our association, to arise interest and to make known the history of the ancestor, that we could not miss the opportunity offered by Parcours Fil Rouge Inc.

An identification post with a clearly visible descriptive plate is now in place. And it is with pride and great gratitude to all the contributors that I participated in its inauguration on July 7th.

In fact, more than fifty people, the vast majority of whom are members, see their name and the amount of their donations figured for a few more weeks on the GoFund Me site, as a gesture of recognition. Donations range from $ 25 to ... $ 808, and it was this last donation that helped achieve the goal of $ 6,600. What remarkable generosity! Congratulations!

The present summer was also an opportunity to experiment with a new way of doing things for the Annual General Meeting. Due to sanitary constraints limiting large gatherings, we held the annual general meeting by Zoom. Admittedly, the number of participants was disappointing, especially considering that all those connected by Internet could join the meeting, comfortably seated at home. We had planned for the presence of a bilingual administrator to facilitate exchanges with our English-speaking members. Hopefully next year we can physically come together while pursuing the new opportunity offered to those who are unwilling or unable to travel.

Don’t worry though, the documents handed in at the AGM are published in the Brelan that you hold in your hands. And you can read the minutes of this virtual meeting in the section reserved for members in good standing, on the site « ».

At the AGM, all of the members of the Board of Directors agreed to return, and we welcome a new director, Nelson Michaud, from New Brunswick.
Nelson’s bilingualism will help our English-speaking members to communicate with us by phone, on any matter. I join you in thanking them for their generosity, time and skills. I appreciate their willingness to reappoint me as president of the Association for a new year.

Thanking you for your loyalty and your solidarity, I wish you a pleasant reading of this Brelan, heralding the fall!


Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

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