Are you interested in the genealogy of your ancestors?

Recall that genealogy is the practice is to research the origin and descent of individuals and families. (source: Wikipedia)

A fundamental objective of the Association is to facilitate families Michaud genealogical research for all descendants of Pierre Micheau, pioneer ancestor came from France. Pierre is the ancestor of almost all Michaud living in North America.

You can search online in the association's genealogical database. It takes the form of a 14-generation dictionary totaling more than 5,700 pages!

What does our online genealogy database contain?

  • The descendants of the couple of Pierre Michaud and Marie Ancelin contain more than 200,000 individuals and can be consulted online only by members in good standing.
  • It was compiled by the official genealogist of our association Jean-Eudes Michaud #3, honorary member still at work for more than 30 years and co-founder of the AFMI, assisted in this colossal task by Mrs. Blandine Michaud #128.
  • The bank is enriched with several hundred names every year.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about access to the Michaud genealogical database:

1. I ask the bank and my family is not present, or information is incomplete or erroneous. How do I change the data?

The section Add your family explains how you can contribute to updating the Michaud genealogical bank.

2. Is the database updated regularly?

  • Yes, and the version you can view online is always the latest.
  • The April 2023 database, currently online (PDF with protected data) or on sale (USB key containing unrestricted PDFs, BK files and BK genealogy software) contains 212,246 individuals and 88,522 couples.
  • That of December 2020 contained 208,607 individuals and 86,902 pairs.
  • That of November 2019 contained 204,337 individuals and 84,970 pairs.

3. Can the online database still be queried by browsing it from name to name?

Yes, but the service is no longer free since April 2023. It costs $40 per year to be a member of the Rimouski Genealogy and History Society (SGHR) and have access to our searchable online bank as if you were in genealogy software. See the procedure for joining and connecting to the SGHR. You would also have access to about twenty other databases giving access to more than 1,600,000 names.

We suggest that you purchase your association's USB key, as it contains free software (Windows only) allowing you to browse from name to name, without having to take out an annual subscription to the SGHR.

4. What are the differences between the PDF files of the USB key that you sell and those available in the members' area? The files present on the key have functions that the PDF files that can be consulted online, on the website, cannot. Unlike the online version of the PDFs, the PDFs on the USB key:

  • show data of living people under 100 years old;
  • allow to be copied in his environment (to be downloaded on his computer);
  • to select text inside the PDF in order to copy/paste it;
  • to print the pages.

In addition, the USB key contains a video of Pierre's place of origin, Fontenay-le-Comte, and a video of a drone flying over Pierre's land, in Kamouraska.

5. In the dictionary in PDF, how can we easily find the ascendants or the descendants of an individual?

In the dictionary, a number is assigned to each individual with ancestry or descent. This makes it easy to find direct relatives. Moreover, for each individual, all the ancestry up to the ancestor Pierre, is mentioned.

6. I don't have a computer that can use a USB key. Can you send me the dictionary of the 14 PDF files via the Internet?

  • Yes, in part. If you buy the USB drive for $100 (or request a $30 upgrade), we can arrange not to send you a USB drive but instead transfer you only the PDF files (not the Brother's Keeper files) through an Internet link that we will send to you.
  • Of course, we will reimburse the postage costs if you purchased the key online.
  • However, we will not send you Brother's Keeper files.
  • You can download the PDFs to your computer or tablet.
  • If you like this option, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will then use the website which is free. 


We provide you with various forms to help you create your genealogy and, if you feel like it, to share your research with us.

You can purchase the following tools to help make your genealogy :

  • Book : Les Michaud Poitevin au Canada (first 4 generations from Pierre Micheau) (french version)
  • Book : From Poitou to New France, Pierre Micheau le Poitevin, 1637-1702 (New edition 2014 on English version)
  • USB key: the genealogy of the Michaud families. 2023 version of our computerized bank containing more than 14 generations of descendants of Pierre Michaud and Marie Ancelin usable with the free software Brother's Keeper. Also includes a PDF file per generation that you can view on screen and print.

If your are member AFMI, you will also receive our newletter, Le Brelan. It published two or three times a year, contains many genealogical and historical information about Michaud. Some articles in english.

If you are a descendant of a " Michaud " that your interest (or your passion!) is to make a backward genealogy (the easiest and most popular) which starts from yourself or your children, or simply to help to research the AFMI, be a member of our association is a great way to get there and could save you years of research!


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