LiseMichaudLandryMy last column! I am overwhelmed by a strange feeling while sitting down to write it. For the last ten years, at each Brelan’s issue, it was with great pleasure that I tried to inform you of what was cooking in our Association.

And yes, life goes on carrying so many good things!

On June 6th, 2015 in Quebec City was held our Annual General Meeting. Some twenty-five people attended. Among those, two ex-Presidents, Vincent from Quebec City, and Jean from Sept-Iles. We also met two newcomers, Réal and Charlaine from the Québec area, and many “regulars”, among them Lauréat from Laurierville, and Jean from St-Quentin, New Brunswick. Many others were also present, including the members of our Administration Council, and Andrée, layout editor of Le Brelan since 2011. Such good and nice people!

Frankly, I questioned myself prior to this meeting. I was rather afraid that we would not find replacement for the President and first Vice-President, Raynald and I having decided to leave the AFMI ship. I have to confess that I was so wrong to question myself. In fact, when the election took place, Réal and Charlaine accepted to jump aboard. Once the election was over, the new Executive Council met and here are the results of their deliberation:

  • Madelaine Dubé Michaud is now President (she was second Vice-President).
  • Réal Michaud is first Vice-President.
  • Charlaine Michaud becomes second Vice-President.

Congratulations! For their great generosity, I thank them from the bottom of my heart in the name of all our members and mine also. With you, our Association will go further.

The treasurer also presented the financial statement for the year ending March 31st, 2015. Although there is a slight deficit of 55$, our finances are in good health. Thank you Réjean!

In recognition for Raynald’s great work during the past six years, we offered him a very nice pen engraved with his initials. Many thanks Raynald for your contribution. And to Andrée, who will no longer edit the layout of Le Brelan, we offered a few pages... a nice note book that will enable her to mark down her thoughts or souvenirs. Thanks Andrée!

I have to talk about the tribute I received after lunch Saturday. Andrée read a fantastic document, written by her of course (see pp. 12 to 15, Le Brelan, july 2015). She related the different events which occurred during my presidency. I was also offered a few meaningful souvenirs. I was deeply moved by such consideration; my tears were also very sincere.

In 2005, I attended my first General Meeting. Then, I could not imagine that I would get deeply involved for so many years. I was elected first Vice-President, replacing Julien. However, while our President was ill, I had to act as President. In 2006 in Kamouraska, I was elected President, re-elected in Edmundston in 2009, and in Quebec City in 2012. I have never regretted my engagement in our Association.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank the members of the first Administration Council I presided. Julien, Louis, Magdeleine, Claire, Blandine, and Jean-Eudes showed the way, and encouraged me a lot.

AFMI brought me great satisfaction. Of course, I would have liked to do more, such as visiting the Michauds of all regions but, as we say “No one is bound to do the impossible”. However, at all the various meetings, either with the administrators, the Annual Meetings, or on other occasions, I have always appreciated meeting with those attending. I will alway cherish those memories.

The most important thing the Association has given me is the pride to carry the name MICHAUD. Of course, I am my father’s proud daughter; but bearing the name is now so precious to me. I am so proud.

Many thanks to all. You have given me the chance to meet so many marvellous people. Thanks to the Administration Council team for your friendship and camaraderie.


Lise Michaud Landry (no 1375),
ex President

From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

CA Photo Madelaine Dube Michaud 100 p

Following a long and hard winter with a lot of change in the weather, we sure feel sorry for the ones overwhelmed by flood, but here we are, hoping that spring will appear and flowers will bloom for the happiness of everyone. June in not that far and who thinks of the coming summer, thinks trips, thinks being out in the sun and meeting more often families and friends.

All the members of the board of the directors invite you to join us at the annual meeting of the AFMI which will be held on June the 8th 2019 at the reception room « La Courtisane de Lévis ». This place has been chosen so that more members will have the opportunity to attend the general meeting. We hope that you will be numerous to come to the beautiful city of Levis. The site has a gorgeous view of the Saint-Lawrence River and the Château Frontenac.

The registration fees have increased slightly, but if your group consists of at least four people, there will be a $ 5 discount per person. Make use of this discount to bring friends and family members with you and to enjoy this great experience.

All the details are registered with the registration form inserted in this bulletin. As in every annual meeting, we will provide you with the current issues and the annual financial results of your association and the future projects in view. As well, there will be elections of the persons that will form the next board. Do not hesitate to get involved so that we can assure the future of our executive. There are dreams that can be realized with your cooperation.

During the meeting, we shall have the pleasure to honor two of our pioneers who got really engaged and who have generously contributed to the support and the advancement of “the Association des familles Michaud Inc.” These two ladies are the two sisters, Claire and Magdeleine Michaud. Come and join us to express your gratitude and to thank them for their devotion and their passion for the great Michaud family.

Remember our Website and I suggest you to contact it regularly so you can be aware of the latest news.

My favorite saying: « Alone we cannot go faster but together we can go further ». I am relying on each of you so that together we increase the number of our members and, this way, create great projects.

We hope that Easter has bring you light and hope and that you enjoyed the Easter season enlightened with laugh and good mood and that will continue for future days to come.

Hoping to see you soon!

Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

From to president Alain Michaud :

Alain Michaud largeur100

Our yearly general meeting held last June 8th, in Lévis, was rather successful. After the usual welcome and reconnections, the twenty-two attending people were ready for two conferences.

As webmaster, I had the occasion of entertaining the crowd about the improvements done during the past year and to explain an ambitious project in progress, that being the downloading of all of the previous editions of our Brelan. A  user’s guide of our genealogic databank has also been inaugurated. You will find copy (french) of it in the “généalogie” section of our website « ».

The second conference was on DNA and genealogy. Thanks to Lise Lachance who has developed a real passion in this field so to offer her services to those interested. During the afternoon, as usual took place the annual general meeting. Report on the association’s activities for 2018-2019 was delivered as well as the financial statements. Those documents appear in the Brelan’s september edition. They also appear on our website in the section reserved to our members under “Assemblées annuelles”.

It was also the occasion for the administration council to be enriched with two new members: Réjean Michaud (1511) and Lise Michaud Landry (1375). They join Isabelle Deblois-Michaud (1440), Madelaine Dubé-Michaud (1585), Jean-Eudes Michaud (3) and Réal Michaud (1536), who have generously accepted to continue with us.

I am glad to inform that, for the first time in many years, the 7 administrative tasks of our rules are being filled, which demonstrate our association dynamism regrouping some 200 members.

Following Madelaine’s wish to offer to someone else the president mandate, I have accepted to take on her offer. I am confident that having been in the last six years administrator, secretary, then treasurer has prepared me adequately to endorse this responsibility. Moreover, with the team’s devotion and wise advices from two ex-presidents on the administration council, Madelaine (2015-2019) and Lise (2006-2015), I shall be doing just fine.

After the annual general meeting, our group was offered a very interesting guided tour at Alphonse-Desjardins home. This museum is a neo- gothic type house built between 1882 and 1884 for Alphonse Desjardins who resided there until his death in 1920. This house was also the site of the very first Caisse populaire in the province of Quebec.

I also wish to inform you that our administration council held its first meeting of the present new year on August 16th. An action plan pertaining to an improved version of our genealogic data bank accessible to all members since 2017.

We also wish to install an active link plan for our new members and those who renew their membership. This is to make sure that they are aware of the existence of our online services offered to all and that they know how to enrich their family researches.

A last call to the 30 some members who have not yet renewed their membership as of March 31st, 2019 and to whom this edition of our Brelan reaches them for the last time unless they settle this situation in the following weeks. PLEASE remain faithful to our Association; the volunteers expect your contribution to go on with the last years important improvements.

As you well know, AFMI’s success stand on the annual contribution renewals. Without your support year after year, your Association may very well be among the many other family associations in Quebec, and disappear.

On a regular basis, new members join, and we extend to them a warm welcome. With them, let’s continue the perpetuity of our fantastic Association, descendants of our common ancestor, Pierre.

Alain Michaud (1480), président


Alain Michaud largeur100

The Holiday season is not only a fairy and festive period, it is also a moment full of meaning. Especially, as president of a family association, it makes me think twice of the importance of the family.

First, this Christmas beautifully enlightened, reminds us the Nativity. Moreover, this first day of the year many resolutions are unceasingly taken is a sing of the good will of people. Finding more time for oneself, our friends and family figures often as the main priorities.

Knowing the general profile of the members of our family association, you are possibly grandparents like me, and even great-grandparents. You are undoubtedly aware that this time of meetings with our grandchildren during the season’s holiday is enjoyable for us but as well is very important for them. How and why?

Though modern families are differently structured, they share as a foundation, the crucial feeling of love and belonging. Right from the birth of our descendants, we grant them an unconditional love that will stand the test of time. With our attentive and kindly glance, we appreciate watching them “growing up”, in every sense of the word, and we help them in their development.

In addition to play an emotional role, grandpa and grandma create opportunities to learn with joy, through plays, daily and outside activities.

As grandparents, we are hoping to embody values of stability and perseverance to our grandchildren, knowing that it represents a stable anchor, a kind of balance in a family environment that sometimes could be chaotic.

But we know as well how to transgress rules in cherishing our grandchildren. With us, it is often the ball. Laughter is never too far. Young children have special authorizations that would not be allowed from their mom and dad. However, it is not always necessary to remind them this complicity and this privileged relationship that they enjoyed as well.

These moments of fantasy and freedom are pure happiness for the grandparents who are willing to work miracles to see their grandchildren little eyes sparkling with joy. As they get older, they look for our advices, sometimes even solicitating our presumed wisdom.

“The family” is also the bounding that contributes as a person to engrain ourselves in something much greater than us, but who went before us just like the members of Michaud Family Association who, for the most of them, have the same ancestor who immigrated from France: Pierre Micheau who was born in 1637 in Fontenay-le-Comte and who arrived in Quebec at the beginning of the summer of 1656.

I wish you a good time with your family, and thank you for continuing of being part of ours.


Alain Michaud (1480), president

From to president Alain Michaud :

Alain Michaud largeur100

Dear members,
Michauds’ members of our Association, are part of a large family, and we rely on your support in order to offer you a new edition of our bulletin as Spring is just around the corner, hoping that Winter has not been too hard on you.

Once more, in this Brelan’s edition, you will discover various information on the genealogy of our common ancestor’s descendants. This edition also contains a reminder of two major battles, the first one ending a little more than 100 years ago.

Some 650,000 Canadians served during the First World War. Canadian casualties during the 1914-1918 battles were 67,000 deaths and 173,000 wounded. To obtain a good look at those casualties, one must compare them to the 7,000,000 total population of Canada at the beginning of the conflict.

In the Second World War, 1,100,000 Canadians were enrolled in one of the three armed forces with the Allies for the six years of this war (1939-1945). Even if the amount of casualties was less than during the previous war, 45,000 Canadians died and 54,000 were wounded, this major conflict was the most deadly of the History with more than 60 millions leaving their life, thus 2.5% of the total world population.

Evidently, among those braves, some Pierre Michaud’s descendants were involved. If some volunteered to enroll, even more of them men and women participated to the war support back home.

Talking about Pierre Michaud, with great pleasure, we invite you to visit the village where he spent the last years of his life. He then owned a fourth land from 1695 up to his death in 1702. His wife Marie Ancelin died 25 years later in Saint-Louis of Kamouraska.

Our annual meeting will take place on June 13th, 2020 in the charming village of Kamouraska. It was in 2006 that Association des familles Michaud held its general assembly in Kamouraska. What a great occasion to meet the area’s Michaud.

We have prepared a whole day of activities that will please each and every one of you. Meeting members, old and new; attending a conference, annual general assembly, and participating in guided historic visits. It will also be the occasion to experience the new road of Michauds’ historic sites created by Parcours Fil rouge Inc. a non profit organism supported by Tourisme Kamouraska and a large number of local partners and family associations, such as ours.

I have the privilege to observe all the efforts members of the administrative council give for the organisation of the annual meeting of our wonderful association. Please honour them with your presence!

After more than 33 years, AFMI continues existing on account of its members who, year after year, renew their subscription on March 31st. Do not wait any longer to renew your membership to make sure to hold in your hands the next edition of our Brelan, and benefit of the numerous advantages of being member of our dynamic family association. Should you have an E-mail address, and you do not receive our Internet communications, please send it at « This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ».

To each and every one of you many thanks. Through your support, you allow our members, actual or future ones, to learn more on their origins and history.

Alain Michaud (1480)
Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)



Alain Michaud (1480), president

From to president Alain Michaud :

Alain Michaud largeur100

Dear members,

It’s a pleasure to be able to communicate through our wonderful magazine Le Brelan. This magazine, our website and emailing remain our only preferred means of exchange in the context of a pandemic. They maintain and develop the feeling of belonging to your family association.

Moreover, so that the solidarity of AFMI members can be concretely revealed, we are adding something new this year. The names and cities of residence of the members in good standing will be published once a year. As we informed the members in the April 2020 edition, it was possible to inform us of your wish not to have your names published. The mention “anonymous” is then indicated next to the city. If your name does not appear on this list and it should be, please contact Réal Michaud (1536).

The current containment situation has forced the cancellation of the annual gathering scheduled to take place on June 13 in Kamouraska. What a disappointment since everything had been organized and reserved by the members of the committee formed for this purpose: Madelaine Dubé-Michaud (1585), Isabelle Deblois-Michaud (1440) and myself. A big thank you for all these efforts which would have led us to another memorable meeting.

The cancellation of this activity deprives us not only of an enriching moment of meeting, but also of the holding of our annual general meeting. The rules of our association, tied to the Companies Act dealing with non-profit organizations, are clear. We owe an Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the 4 month period following the end of the fiscal year which brings us to August 1.

Faced with the impossibility of following up, the board of directors drew inspiration from the opinion of the Federation of Quebec Family Associations on the matter. The FAFQ reiterates the adage that no one is bound to the impossible and that we must imagine a solution to replace a physical assembly. This alternative to the AGM should allow members to know the financial results, achievements, projects and express their suggestions and questions.

You will find more details later in the review, as well as the decision taken to ensure the continuity of a dynamic CA despite the postponement of the statutory election.

Moreover, at the end of this fiscal year, I join you in thanking as warmly as possible (but without physical contact...) the members of the board of directors. Rest assured that each of them puts a lot of hard work and perseverance in carrying out their respective responsibilities. What a nice and beautiful team of volunteers!

In closing, I would like to thank you for your support in the continued existence of our family association, which remains among those with the most members. In a deficit financial context, we really need you to maintain the level of service.

And above all, take care of yourself in this comforting time of the year, despite the exceptional circumstances that we are experiencing.


Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

From to president

Alain Michaud largeur100

Dear members,

The administration council and I wish to offer each one of you and your family an excellent holiday period. For sure, this period will be different from others this year in particular. However, let’s see the good side of it: circumstances allow us to realize how our family may bring joy, self esteem, and pride. This is the case this year as it has been in the past.

Our parents, grand-parents and let’s return as far as our common ancestor Pierre Micheau (1637-1702) and his wife Marie Ancelin (1651-1727) who shared such precious moments with families and friends. They have lived their last holiday seasons together on a land bought in 1695, in Kamouraska, land they left to their descendants. They had been established there since 1692.

We have an extraordinary luck to know exactly where this land is located. A unique occasion is offered to Michauds, and to the general public, to locate eventually and see with their own eyes this site, being our family roots; we are now proposing to offer “each one of us” a special gift. We do rely on your help to bring this project to reality so there will be less impact on the association’s finances. Further in this edition, you will find details about this collective gift. 

Click here to find out more.

Marie Ancelin stayed on her husband’s land, after Pierre’s death. In the edition, we thought it would be appropriate for you to learn more about the origins of our great-greatgreat-... grand-mother. You will also learn with pride that a one of us Michaud had the idea to contribute to the GPS development which is now part of our life. We will also discover the notion of the “engagé contract” Pierre had to make in order to emigrate to New-France.

Knowing that a large number of our members are interested with their own genealogy, researches continue to be made, on an almost daily basis. A new version of our databank has been made and is accessible through Internet. Free of charge, you may now access to 4,269 persons, and 1,932 couples representing new additions compared to last year at the same date. You may put your name down on the “Genealogy” section on our website for further consultation. In the next edition of the Brelan, more details on this new service will be given.

As you can see, Michauds may count on a very active family association, despite the sanitary restraints imposed, then preventing volunteers’ to meet. Many thanks to all those contributing to the vitality of our great family association.

Thanks to our members’ support so we may pursue our mission and objectives. In advance, we thank you for your participation to the success of our principal 2021 project, the identification of the fourth and last land owned by Pierre. Have a great Holiday season, and happy New Year 2021.

Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

From to president

Alain Michaud largeur100

Dear members,
how nice it is to say a word to you in this springtime season full of hopes for a return to a more "normal" life.

As you know, our main project for 2021 is the installation of an identification panel on the land where our common ancestor, Pierre Micheau (1637-1702) spent the last ten of his life. A large number of contributors allowed the project to progress smoothly. Donations are still welcome, however, as reaching the financial goal is quite a long way off. Our website indicates how to contribute.

Due to the health constraints caused by COVID-19, we have not been able to organize an annual gathering in June 2020. But this year, we will be using ZOOM video conferencing technology to hold an annual general meeting (AGA). To participate, an electronic tablet or a computer connected the Internet is required. During the meeting, you will be able to comment, and /or ask any question you may have in writing (chat). The convocation notice explains how to register for the General assembly, you will find it further in this bulletin.

And as we are talking of our Brelan, you will notice that once again, it contains unpublished information about Michaud families and their ancestors. Like these members, I invite you to take some time to share photos and stories about your ancestors, your Michaud family or yourself!

The spring edition is the renewal of membership fees. For those concerned, a further in this Brelan’s, you will find your membership renewal form to be completed and returned with your contribution; more simple, without fear, you may use the on line payment facility. Do not waste any time in sending in your contribution and therefore, continue to enjoy the many benefits of being a member.

It is thanks to the renewal of your membership that we can achieve such great things every year. Some go further by getting involved financially in the “Marqueur de familles in Kamouraska” project, by contributing to our genealogical database, by writing articles for the Brelan or by investing even more like the members of the board of directors. But it is the effort of each of you, no matter what form and scale, that ensures the continuity of your family association. Many thanks to all!

Have a great summer!


Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

From to president

Alain Michaud largeur100

Dear members,
Once again, we Michauds honored the motto of our association : Feray ce que diray.

It was in the December 2020 Brelan that the board of directors informed you the bold decision to commit financially to a major project. The project to set up a Family Marker on Pierre’s last land which was so aligned with one of the main reasons for being of our association, to arise interest and to make known the history of the ancestor, that we could not miss the opportunity offered by Parcours Fil Rouge Inc.

An identification post with a clearly visible descriptive plate is now in place. And it is with pride and great gratitude to all the contributors that I participated in its inauguration on July 7th.

In fact, more than fifty people, the vast majority of whom are members, see their name and the amount of their donations figured for a few more weeks on the GoFund Me site, as a gesture of recognition. Donations range from $ 25 to ... $ 808, and it was this last donation that helped achieve the goal of $ 6,600. What remarkable generosity! Congratulations!

The present summer was also an opportunity to experiment with a new way of doing things for the Annual General Meeting. Due to sanitary constraints limiting large gatherings, we held the annual general meeting by Zoom. Admittedly, the number of participants was disappointing, especially considering that all those connected by Internet could join the meeting, comfortably seated at home. We had planned for the presence of a bilingual administrator to facilitate exchanges with our English-speaking members. Hopefully next year we can physically come together while pursuing the new opportunity offered to those who are unwilling or unable to travel.

Don’t worry though, the documents handed in at the AGM are published in the Brelan that you hold in your hands. And you can read the minutes of this virtual meeting in the section reserved for members in good standing, on the site « ».

At the AGM, all of the members of the Board of Directors agreed to return, and we welcome a new director, Nelson Michaud, from New Brunswick.
Nelson’s bilingualism will help our English-speaking members to communicate with us by phone, on any matter. I join you in thanking them for their generosity, time and skills. I appreciate their willingness to reappoint me as president of the Association for a new year.

Thanking you for your loyalty and your solidarity, I wish you a pleasant reading of this Brelan, heralding the fall!


Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

From to president

Alain Michaud largeur100

Dear members,
This year’s holiday season will undoubtedly be happier than last year when there was a ban on gatherings in our homes. I join the members of the Board of Directors in wishing you good meetings, obviously with all the caution required in this still present context of a pandemic.

To enhance this difficult period, we have concocted an edition of the Brelan particularly positive. This is reflected in the accomplishments of "Michaud", which, in their time and for very different reasons, arouse our admiration.

The Alfred, Gilles, Simon, Antonine, Blandine, Lise, Stephan Edward and Bertin, whose achievements are recounted in our December review, are Michauds who, benefiting from the support of their loved ones, have brought a lot to their community.

In another life, where I had the opportunity to teach management at academics, we still had to evoke the famous theory of motivation of the American psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970). Very close to the top of Maslow's pyramid of needs is esteem where you find confidence, success, respect for others and respect by others. May these values correspond to these Michauds who honor the motto of our association, Feray ce que diray! (translate : I would do what I say)

I would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate the invitation to you, dear readers, to send us the story of Michaud who, through their actions and their perseverance, have become famous. What a great opportunity to perpetuate their memory, knowing that our Brelan is kept in the national archives of Quebec (BaNQ) and Canada (Library and Archives Canada). If you would like to know more, consult the Editorial Policy.

May the year bring you health, happiness and many opportunities to allow you to enjoy the great and small things in life in serenity. May our beautiful association of families once again this year count on your participation to continue its activities and tell the story of our common ancestor Pierre Micheau (1637-1702) and the accomplishments of his descendants.


Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

From to president Alain Michaud

Alain Michaud largeur100

Dear members,
Spring is coming to our doorstep with all the optimism it holds. May this period be pleasant for you after this second exceptional and so restrictive winter!

With this season of renewal, also comes another edition of Brelan. Once again, you will find several in-depth articles on the history of Michaud originating from the same ancestor as you.

This is also the period for the renewal of annual dues. With last December's edition, we sent the form to the members concerned. In all sincerity, too few members responded to our call in December. Perhaps was it too early for inviting you to renew your subscription expiring 3 months later? For members whose subscription ends on March 31, 2022, we are once again attaching the form in this edition. You can use this form or pay securely with our online service on

Knowing that some are not at ease using a credit card, we now offer you the possibility of doing so with a simple Interac transfer. See instructions at the top of the form for payment terms.

I am well able aware that the editors and volunteers of your association make great efforts to ensure its dynamism, offer a quality magazine, constantly improve the genealogical database and our website. Organizing beautiful annual meetings is always in the plans as soon as large gatherings are in vogue... But to pursue our mission and goals, we need unwavering member support.

A special invitation is also addressed to our life members, since they no longer need to contribute: take under your wing the subscription of a member of your family, as our former president, Lise, suggests so well in her inspiring "Letter to Grandparents". We know that many members sponsor one or more of their children or grandchildren in this way, year after year. An excellent way to convey your taste for history and family solidarity. Why not you?

Happy spring and happy summer!


Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

From to president Alain Michaud

Alain Michaud largeur100

Dear members,
What a beautiful summer we is ending, without this lot of health constraints encouraging us to minimize the connections that are so dear to us! I hope you have taken full advantage of it.

Our association finally managed to hold a meeting activity where all members were invited. A dozen members took part in the Family Association Meal as part of the 350th anniversary festivities of Rivière-Ouelle. To thank them for their participation, the Association provided them with a free credit for the historic Michaud circuit in the Kamouraska region. Remember that this is a self-guided and geolocated circuit, an initiative of our partner Fil Rouge. See

On this occasion, I represented the AFMI at the inauguration of an honorary plaque paying tribute to the ancestors of the Gagnon dit Belzile families, one of the important pioneer families of Rivière-Ouelle. Pierre Gagnon and Magdeleine Roger de Tourouvre, in Perche, will never come to America. However, three of their sons, Pierre, Jean and Mathurin came to settle there and gave birth to the large Gagnon family. Hundreds of Gagnons appear in the database of the Association of Descendants of our common ancestor, Pierre Michaud.

We offer you another issue of Le Brelan, and I would like to acknowledge the important contribution of two of our members, Denis Michaud (from Ottawa) #1679 and Jean Michaud #1654 (from Quebec). A good example that encourages you to do like them: invest a little time in writing articles about your relatives, distant or not, of Michaud who has particularly distinguished himself! Remember that all Brelan editions are kept in the national archives of Quebec and Canada.

At the end of our renewal period, I join the Board of Directors in warmly thanking you for your support. You will also find in this Brelan the list of members who believe in the importance of having an association of healthy families, as you will also see in the financial statements.

Thanks again and have a great fall season


Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

From to vice-president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

CA Photo Madelaine Dube Michaud 100 p

Hello dear members,

To allow our president to organize the preparation of the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Thérèse Fortin, I have agreed to address you with this post in this December edition.

Allow me first, to offer, on my own behalf and on behalf of all of you, to Alain, his brother Denis and the whole family, our most sincere condolences. May these painful and painful moments give way to comforting memories lived with her.

For almost 3 years, the subject on everyone's lips has been the Covid-19 so I will try not to talk about it this time. I will just allow myself to tell you to continue to be careful in your family or other meetings in order to stay healthy and in good shape. We tell ourselves that viruses are never far away.

Now we are coming to a time when family celebrations will finally be possible! These family meetings, although similar from year to year, are precious and it was enough to be deprived of them to better see it. Wishing us special moments to fill your box of memories to remember and cherish for many years to come.

In each of our bulletins, you will find the story of Michaud who left a trace of their passage in the life of a family or a community. I would like you too, dear readers, to take a little of your time to send us a story, an anecdote from a person around you or an ancestor who has distinguished himself by his experience. It would be a great way to pay tribute to him and make him known to all of us while perpetuating his memory. You don't need to have won medals or made a big splash to deserve to have a little of your story told. We are waiting for your stories...

In Le Brelan d'April, we will be able to announce the course of the next gathering. Watch this news so you can join us to see each other again and share good times together.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with love, pleasure and serenity. May the year 2023 spread its wings in a calmer climate and may it allow achievements to meet our expectations. Be careful to stay healthy.

Happy Holidays XxXx


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, vice-president (1585)

From to president Alain Michaud

Alain Michaud largeur100

Dear members,
We are pleased to send you this spring edition of Le Brelan! Let’s start with some very big news for our association : the historical interest of our journal has been recognized by BAnQ.

Indeed, all subscribers to the Library and National Archives of Quebec will now be able to access past editions of Le Brelan. All those who have contributed to the contents of Brelan since 1988 thus see a lasting recognition of their efforts and an unalterable presence of Michaud whose story they have told. The same is true of the passage of all the directors who have invested themselves in the boards of directors over the years.

To maintain the interest of our paying members, only issues older than 3 years from the date of the online consultation will be accessible from BAnQ’s digital Internet service.

Another good news for our association, the return of the annual gatherings of its members, their family and their Michaud friends, members or not. The famous pandemic had deprived us of it for a few years. For such a reunion, what better than to return to the very place of the Kamouraskois land of our ancestor Pierre Michaud (1637-approx 1702)? Take advantage of this unique opportunity offered to you, as we do not expect to offer such a historic course for several years. Note that you can still go solo on the “ Circuit Michaud ” orchestrated by our tourist partner Fil Rouge Inc.

The annual gathering is also the occasion of the annual general meeting. The directors in place have been there for a long time and, if we do not succeed in recruiting new ones gradually, I am afraid that services to members cannot remain at the same level for long. We estimate at most ten hours per month the involvement of the rare pearls sought.

Obviously, we are in the period of renewals, the contributions of more than 50 % becoming expired since March 31. Your contribution is by far the main source of income. It allows us to continue the production of Brelan, the updating and availability of our large genealogical database as well the publication of a website that is regularly enriched with new content.

In short, your contribution makes it possible to offer services whose appreciation is confirmed by frequent testimonials of gratitude. Thank you for continuing to support the Association!

May the coming spring be a source of renewal! We are waiting for you in large numbers on Sunday, May 28 to highlight it!


Alain Michaud (1480), president
Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

CA Photo Madelaine Dube Michaud 100 p

Finally Spring is here and we all hope it will be a good one for each and everyone of you.

Ah! Comme la neige a neigé! wrote our famous poet, Émile Nelligan. Yes did ever snow this past Winter; moreover, we had to endure very cold weather day after day for quite a long time. As usual, Winter has us raging but milder weather seems just about to emerge. Luckily, after the cold, comes back warm weather. What would you say to begin Summer with a nice week-end in New-Brunswick?

Last year, a member from this region generously offered to organise this year’s meeting. A committee has been formed to suggest the administrative council, activities that would please the participating members. Cousin Nelson and his team have work hard in order that every participant returns home his head full of wonderful memories of the event. Therefore we invite you to our annual meeting in Dalhousie on June 9th and 10th, 2018. More details are available further in this Brelan’s edition.

During this meeting we will hold our annual general assembly during which we will inform you of the actual files, our Association’s finances and upcoming projects. Elections will also take place this year; we must elect 3 administrators for a 2-year mandate and one for 1 year. I invite you to join our team so that our Association goes on shining.

Among the Association’s goals in our general rules, one can read, “encourage genealogical researches”. I know that on the Internet, we can find many answers. Are we sure these informations are truthful? It seems that many websites have not made the compulsory verifications to make sure of the inscribed notions written. However do you know that our Association’s members may benefit from an agreement with Société de généalogie et d’histoire de Rimouski (Rimouski History and Genealogy Society) so that you have free access to their website where you can consult their database on Michaud families?

First, one has to be an AFMI’s member, then ask Alain, our treasurer, for an access code; Alain will make the proper arrangements with the Society. Do not hesitate to go forward in your researches and spread the good new around those who would like to consult these verified data in order to complete their own history.

For all members of the Montreal area, I invite you to meet with us upon Salon de la Société généalogique canadienne-française which will be held on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, between 8.30 AM AND 4.00 PM at CEGEP Maisonneuve. AFMI will hold a stand to inform visitors and let them know about our Association. Cousin Réal and I will be there to answer your questions. We wish to meet every Montreal region’s members.

There are a few occasions to meet people interested in genealogy and our ancestors’ history.

I am looking forward meeting you on one or more occasions. Have a great Summer!


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

CA Photo Madelaine Dube Michaud 100 p

Fall is just around the corner in our sunny days yet a little cooler compared to those it was this Summer. If heat and humidity did not disturb you, I suppose that you spent all those nice days under the sun.

Our annual meeting which took place in Dalhousie, New Brunswick, was very interesting. Our cousin Nelson had prepared an activity program that occupied us during the whole weekend. Please take a good look at all details further in this bulletin. In the name of our council and all members present, I wish to thank Nelson and his wife Anita Savoie from the bottom of my heart, for the time and energy he spent organising this gathering. We carry marvelous recollections of it. During this meeting, members of our council who had terminated their mandates, have all accepted to continue volunteering with us. I deeply thank them for their devotion and implication. We are still looking for two new administrators to fill in the vacant positions. If you are proud of your Association and have it at heart, along with just a few hours left in your busy schedule, please do not hesitate to join our team where you will be welcome. Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is success.” This is my wish for the evolution of our Association.

Upon our last council meeting, we have discussed, among others, of the location of our next gathering. Our very present goal is to reunite the biggest number of members possible but also to get close to our members and giving them the chance of participating. We are already searching for a place that would allow us to respect this goal, while keeping it at a reasonable cost.

AFMI took was also present at FADOQ exhibition which took place at fair center of ExpoCité in Quebec City. Our participation was very appreciated and our stand welcome some 70 people.

I also invite you to visit our website which is more and more interesting since our webmaster, Alain, keeps it up to date by adding his latest discoveries. Alain, we thank you very much for this outstanding work.

Have a colorful Fall season!


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

CA Photo Madelaine Dube Michaud 100 p

At long last, here is your new edition of our Brelan. I know for a fact that you were eager to hear about your Association and this is what we are doing right now.

Last June, as usual, we held our annual general assembly in the fabulous Laurentian area, in St. Eustache. Some thirty people attended, some coming from Ontario who wished to participate and meet our Council’s members. Because our meeting goes from one place to another every year, this allows to the region’s members to join our meeting.

This year, the principal item on our program was the general rules’ reform, in order to meet with the Companies laws. You may consult them on our web site: www. The most important modification of the reform means that there are no more regional councils, but only one administration council formed by 7 elected administrators, elected upon our annual ssembly as per a rotation of 4 members the first year, and 3 the following one. These persons are elected for a 2 year term, renewable. This year, we had to elect or reelect 4 administrators and those who accepted to give time to our Association are: Alain Michaud, Réal Michaud, and Isabelle Deblois Michaud. Therefore there is still one vacancy to fill. Should you have interest for your Association, please do not hesi- tate to communicate with our secretary or myself.

I do wish to cordially thank those who have worked during so many years at the council’s table. These wonderful people are:

Claire Michaud Le Blanc (# 616), who was responsible for the Montreal region (06) and Laval (13) who consecrated lots of time calling “her” members on a regular basis to invite them to participate in a sugar party in the Spring, attend the annual assembly, and to renew their membership.

Magdeleine Michaud Bossé (# 147), Claire’s sister, represented the Kamouraska area and is among AFMI’s five honorary members, especially for her exemplary contribution as our Brelan’s redactor for some fifteen years.

Those two formidable ambassadors have done so much for our Association through their disponibility, enthousiasm but moreover for their great interest in the Michaud family.

The Association wishes to also thank Albertine Michaud- Ouellette, who used to represent the Madawaska region, and who has always contributed with great generosity to the members of her area.

Another tearful parting is Jean-Marc’s, who was making the paging of our Brelan. We have very much appreciated to work with this graphic professional who never counted his time spent to make our bulletin so attractive, which you had the great pleasure reading from the beginning to its end. Many thanks, Jean-Marc, for the time consecrated to our bulletin, a wonderful document nice to look at, read, and, for some, to keep forever.

Apart from the above partings, this Summer we had to accept Gaétane’s demission for health reasons. She had been elected treasurer last year, and we do thank her very much for the efforts she put in this task, which is not as easy as we may think.

For an association good operation, members are needed of course but also other people who accept to give time for it. In order to give long life to our organisation, we are looking for two dynamic, and interested people who would accept filling in the two council’s vacancies above mentioned. Everyone of us is a volunteer, and we would be glad to welcome new persons so that our Association becomes more vigorous, and could reach its goals. We expect you!


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

CA Photo Madelaine Dube Michaud 100 p

In the last Brelan’s edition, we issued the 2015-2016 activity report underlining our projects for the present year. I was then asking for your help and comments to push these projects forward and at- tain their realisation. One question burns my lips nowadays: Do our members read our bulletin Le Brelan? This question arises from the fact that neither our secretary nor your president have not received any comments what so ever regarding our Association’s survival.

For example...on page 7 of the said edition, we launched an enrol- ment contest offering two 100$ prizes to be given at our 2017 general meeting. This contest is open to all members of our Association. So far, the answer is not encouraging. You have until March 31st, 2017 to participate. I am giving you a suggestion, why not offer an enrolment to one or many members of your own family as a Christmas gift? It would be a two way win, your gift will allow our Association an increase in our membership.

On the same page, Isabelle, our chief redactor, announced that we were looking for someone willing to take this position in her place. Yet, no positive answer has been received. In the activity report, I stated that we were thinking of creating a redacting committee for the pursuit of our Brelan, nobody stood up so far. Will we continue publishing our bulletin? Should nobody shows up with texts or articles to be included in our Brelan? What should we do?

Nowadays, we are living important interrogations on the survival of many family associations. Fédération des Associations de familles du Québec is also thinking seriously on its own role, as well as the services it offers to the family associations. Moneywise, the Government used to help the federation but recently this help has been partly cut; therefore the Federation’s administration council has to consider how it will help the family associations. As we speak, they have decided to cancel the exhibition that usually takes place in February. What other services will they choose to abolish? They will continue their study over winter and in the Spring, they will hold their annual meeting and we shall then be informed adequately.

With all these questions in mind, I may seem to be very pessimistic; it is not quite the situation; I am really looking for solutions so that you will be proud to be a part of a very vivid association. On my part, I am very proud to be a Michaud and to be a member of an association like ours. However, the Administrative Council’s members cannot do everything and do need your participation. Can we count on you as privileged cooperators? If so, give us a call and we will very happy and proud to work with you, even for a few hours from time to time.

On a cheerful note, I extend wishes to us all, your family and friends as well as us from the Association des Familles Michaud. Let’s have a great Christmas period as well as a 2017 year full of great dreamed realisations.


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

CA Photo Madelaine Dube Michaud 100 p

The Last June, nearly 50 people attended the gathering of our association in Rimouski. It was a very enjoyable and interesting meeting as much by the content as by where we had the pleasure to see each other again. Congratulations to Alain, our Secretary who put a lot of time and energy to prepare a program of activities that pleased the greatest number of participants. More details of this weekend to read in this newsletter.

At the annual meeting, in addition to share the report of activities as well as the financial report, there was an election. Réjean Landry, who held the position of Treasurer for 6 years, advised us that he did not want to renew its mandate and Charlaine who was elected as 2nd Vice-President last year, decided to leave the board by lack of time to perform this function. I would like, on behalf of all members, to thank them for all the time they have given to Michaud’s association. I also want to thank Lise Michaud-Landry who served as President ex-officio during the past year. We welcome the arrival of Gaétane Michaud # 1504 of Rimouski who will hold the position of Treasurer. As no other nominated candidate did accept to fulfill the position at the board , the Assembly gave the Board members the task of recruiting and to find the gem who will fill the vacancy.

Finally, here are the projects that will surely occupy several of our days.

  • We want to work on reforming of our by-laws. They must conform to the Companies Act.
  • Emphasis will be placed on recruitment so that more people know about the association and can attend next year’s meeting.
  • We will also prepare a celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of the AFMI. This celebration will be held simultaneously as the next annual meeting.
  • We are always looking for collaborators for writing texts for our newsletter Le Brelan. Let us know your interest and we would be pleased to welcome you to the team.

Thank you all for your participation and your cooperation and we look forward to see you soon.


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

CA Photo Madelaine Dube Michaud 100 p

Although Spring is just around the corner, we must already think about Summer. Why? To get ready for our forthcoming Michaud meeting. You already know that this meeting will take place early June in Rimouski. Who says “meeting” means a reunion of people exchanging and discussing common subjects. Needless to say that the invitation is launched to all those proudly bearing the name MICHAUD, but also to all those being related to some Michauds, or being interested by their history or origin.

The meeting schedule is enclosed in the present edition of the Brelan and we wish that many of you will participate in this gathering. As a member of our Association, you may make the difference on the number of participants by inviting one or two relatives who are not yet members to join us for the scheduled week-end.

It will be a great occasion to connect or reconnect with cousins or friends, and meet new Friends. The more we will be, we have more fun.

In the previous edition, I talked about the pride to be a member of Association des Familles Michaud. I also asked for your suggestions to increase our membership. I am still awaiting your ideas. Whatever your idea is fantastic, original, or else, do not hesitate to transmit it to us.

Your administration Council will consider its realisation and if so, apply it. Once more, I count on You to make our Association a great family where it will be most agreeable to entertain this family pride.

To conclude, I wish to thank all volunteers who accepted to spend time at our stand during the Fédération des Associations de Familles’ exhibition in Lévis in February. Special thanks to Isabelle and Réal who organised our stand and the precious time they spent there..

This event promotes our associations and visitors deeply appreciate the exchanges they have with family representatives.

To all of you, I wish a fantastic Spring season. I am already looking forward to meet you in Rimouski.


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

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