From to vice-president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

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Hello dear members,

To allow our president to organize the preparation of the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Thérèse Fortin, I have agreed to address you with this post in this December edition.

Allow me first, to offer, on my own behalf and on behalf of all of you, to Alain, his brother Denis and the whole family, our most sincere condolences. May these painful and painful moments give way to comforting memories lived with her.

For almost 3 years, the subject on everyone's lips has been the Covid-19 so I will try not to talk about it this time. I will just allow myself to tell you to continue to be careful in your family or other meetings in order to stay healthy and in good shape. We tell ourselves that viruses are never far away.

Now we are coming to a time when family celebrations will finally be possible! These family meetings, although similar from year to year, are precious and it was enough to be deprived of them to better see it. Wishing us special moments to fill your box of memories to remember and cherish for many years to come.

In each of our bulletins, you will find the story of Michaud who left a trace of their passage in the life of a family or a community. I would like you too, dear readers, to take a little of your time to send us a story, an anecdote from a person around you or an ancestor who has distinguished himself by his experience. It would be a great way to pay tribute to him and make him known to all of us while perpetuating his memory. You don't need to have won medals or made a big splash to deserve to have a little of your story told. We are waiting for your stories...

In Le Brelan d'April, we will be able to announce the course of the next gathering. Watch this news so you can join us to see each other again and share good times together.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with love, pleasure and serenity. May the year 2023 spread its wings in a calmer climate and may it allow achievements to meet our expectations. Be careful to stay healthy.

Happy Holidays XxXx


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, vice-president (1585)

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