LiseMichaudLandryFor one of the last times, it is with great joy that I sit down to have a moment with you and inform you of what is cooking in our Association. I hope that this chronicle will warm your heart after the harsh winter we have had. This winter was probably similar to those Marie and Pierre lived in their modest and rather cold house by the sea. However, I imagine that in their growing family life, among their young and not always behaved children, one could find warmth and understanding.

Concerned about the decrease in our membership and about the departure next June of two Administration Council members, a few members recently raised questions about the functioning of the Council and about the actions it intends to take in the near future.

I wish here to reassure you, dear members, by telling you that the present Administration Council puts its whole-hearted efforts into conducting adequately our Association, following the rules and constitution established by our founders, and with the very same spirit and enthusiasm.

In order to cope with the needs of our changing world, we have up-dated some of our practices. For example, all the Michaud families genealogical data contained in the 2007 "Répertoire" is now available on a USB Key which is regularly updated. If we were to put our "Répertoire" up to date, more than 5000 pages would be necessary, and the editing and sales costs of course more than multiplied. The production of a key is feasible at a fraction of the cost. On that topic, Raynald does a marvellous job, reporting to the treasurer when necessary.

Every occasion is good to promote our Association. We have tried to form an enlarged promotion committee, without result, those invited to form it, declining the offer. Even the invitation launched in our Brelan remained unanswered.

The organization of the Annual General Meeting is the Administration Council's responsibility but the local representatives help a lot. In St. Agatha in 2014, Albertine has put many efforts in it.

Next June 6 and 7, our Annual General Meeting will take place in Quebec City. Thanks to Isabelle, we will have a superb assembly (see details farther in this edition). Every one of our members is expected to participate! It will be an excellent occasion to fraternize and meet newcomers. Cultural events will also take place.

During this very important meeting, elections will take place as the President's and first Vice-President's terms will end in June.

From the bottom of my heart, I convey you to this friendly and important meeting.


On behalf of the Administration Council,

Lise Michaud Landry (no 1375),

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