From to president Madeleine-Dubé Michaud :

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At long last, here is your new edition of our Brelan. I know for a fact that you were eager to hear about your Association and this is what we are doing right now.

Last June, as usual, we held our annual general assembly in the fabulous Laurentian area, in St. Eustache. Some thirty people attended, some coming from Ontario who wished to participate and meet our Council’s members. Because our meeting goes from one place to another every year, this allows to the region’s members to join our meeting.

This year, the principal item on our program was the general rules’ reform, in order to meet with the Companies laws. You may consult them on our web site: www. The most important modification of the reform means that there are no more regional councils, but only one administration council formed by 7 elected administrators, elected upon our annual ssembly as per a rotation of 4 members the first year, and 3 the following one. These persons are elected for a 2 year term, renewable. This year, we had to elect or reelect 4 administrators and those who accepted to give time to our Association are: Alain Michaud, Réal Michaud, and Isabelle Deblois Michaud. Therefore there is still one vacancy to fill. Should you have interest for your Association, please do not hesi- tate to communicate with our secretary or myself.

I do wish to cordially thank those who have worked during so many years at the council’s table. These wonderful people are:

Claire Michaud Le Blanc (# 616), who was responsible for the Montreal region (06) and Laval (13) who consecrated lots of time calling “her” members on a regular basis to invite them to participate in a sugar party in the Spring, attend the annual assembly, and to renew their membership.

Magdeleine Michaud Bossé (# 147), Claire’s sister, represented the Kamouraska area and is among AFMI’s five honorary members, especially for her exemplary contribution as our Brelan’s redactor for some fifteen years.

Those two formidable ambassadors have done so much for our Association through their disponibility, enthousiasm but moreover for their great interest in the Michaud family.

The Association wishes to also thank Albertine Michaud- Ouellette, who used to represent the Madawaska region, and who has always contributed with great generosity to the members of her area.

Another tearful parting is Jean-Marc’s, who was making the paging of our Brelan. We have very much appreciated to work with this graphic professional who never counted his time spent to make our bulletin so attractive, which you had the great pleasure reading from the beginning to its end. Many thanks, Jean-Marc, for the time consecrated to our bulletin, a wonderful document nice to look at, read, and, for some, to keep forever.

Apart from the above partings, this Summer we had to accept Gaétane’s demission for health reasons. She had been elected treasurer last year, and we do thank her very much for the efforts she put in this task, which is not as easy as we may think.

For an association good operation, members are needed of course but also other people who accept to give time for it. In order to give long life to our organisation, we are looking for two dynamic, and interested people who would accept filling in the two council’s vacancies above mentioned. Everyone of us is a volunteer, and we would be glad to welcome new persons so that our Association becomes more vigorous, and could reach its goals. We expect you!


Madelaine Dubé-Michaud, president (1585)

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