From to president Alain Michaud :

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Dear members,

It’s a pleasure to be able to communicate through our wonderful magazine Le Brelan. This magazine, our website and emailing remain our only preferred means of exchange in the context of a pandemic. They maintain and develop the feeling of belonging to your family association.

Moreover, so that the solidarity of AFMI members can be concretely revealed, we are adding something new this year. The names and cities of residence of the members in good standing will be published once a year. As we informed the members in the April 2020 edition, it was possible to inform us of your wish not to have your names published. The mention “anonymous” is then indicated next to the city. If your name does not appear on this list and it should be, please contact Réal Michaud (1536).

The current containment situation has forced the cancellation of the annual gathering scheduled to take place on June 13 in Kamouraska. What a disappointment since everything had been organized and reserved by the members of the committee formed for this purpose: Madelaine Dubé-Michaud (1585), Isabelle Deblois-Michaud (1440) and myself. A big thank you for all these efforts which would have led us to another memorable meeting.

The cancellation of this activity deprives us not only of an enriching moment of meeting, but also of the holding of our annual general meeting. The rules of our association, tied to the Companies Act dealing with non-profit organizations, are clear. We owe an Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the 4 month period following the end of the fiscal year which brings us to August 1.

Faced with the impossibility of following up, the board of directors drew inspiration from the opinion of the Federation of Quebec Family Associations on the matter. The FAFQ reiterates the adage that no one is bound to the impossible and that we must imagine a solution to replace a physical assembly. This alternative to the AGM should allow members to know the financial results, achievements, projects and express their suggestions and questions.

You will find more details later in the review, as well as the decision taken to ensure the continuity of a dynamic CA despite the postponement of the statutory election.

Moreover, at the end of this fiscal year, I join you in thanking as warmly as possible (but without physical contact...) the members of the board of directors. Rest assured that each of them puts a lot of hard work and perseverance in carrying out their respective responsibilities. What a nice and beautiful team of volunteers!

In closing, I would like to thank you for your support in the continued existence of our family association, which remains among those with the most members. In a deficit financial context, we really need you to maintain the level of service.

And above all, take care of yourself in this comforting time of the year, despite the exceptional circumstances that we are experiencing.


Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

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