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Dear members,

The administration council and I wish to offer each one of you and your family an excellent holiday period. For sure, this period will be different from others this year in particular. However, let’s see the good side of it: circumstances allow us to realize how our family may bring joy, self esteem, and pride. This is the case this year as it has been in the past.

Our parents, grand-parents and let’s return as far as our common ancestor Pierre Micheau (1637-1702) and his wife Marie Ancelin (1651-1727) who shared such precious moments with families and friends. They have lived their last holiday seasons together on a land bought in 1695, in Kamouraska, land they left to their descendants. They had been established there since 1692.

We have an extraordinary luck to know exactly where this land is located. A unique occasion is offered to Michauds, and to the general public, to locate eventually and see with their own eyes this site, being our family roots; we are now proposing to offer “each one of us” a special gift. We do rely on your help to bring this project to reality so there will be less impact on the association’s finances. Further in this edition, you will find details about this collective gift. 

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Marie Ancelin stayed on her husband’s land, after Pierre’s death. In the edition, we thought it would be appropriate for you to learn more about the origins of our great-greatgreat-... grand-mother. You will also learn with pride that a one of us Michaud had the idea to contribute to the GPS development which is now part of our life. We will also discover the notion of the “engagé contract” Pierre had to make in order to emigrate to New-France.

Knowing that a large number of our members are interested with their own genealogy, researches continue to be made, on an almost daily basis. A new version of our databank has been made and is accessible through Internet. Free of charge, you may now access to 4,269 persons, and 1,932 couples representing new additions compared to last year at the same date. You may put your name down on the “Genealogy” section on our website for further consultation. In the next edition of the Brelan, more details on this new service will be given.

As you can see, Michauds may count on a very active family association, despite the sanitary restraints imposed, then preventing volunteers’ to meet. Many thanks to all those contributing to the vitality of our great family association.

Thanks to our members’ support so we may pursue our mission and objectives. In advance, we thank you for your participation to the success of our principal 2021 project, the identification of the fourth and last land owned by Pierre. Have a great Holiday season, and happy New Year 2021.

Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

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