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Dear members,
how nice it is to say a word to you in this springtime season full of hopes for a return to a more "normal" life.

As you know, our main project for 2021 is the installation of an identification panel on the land where our common ancestor, Pierre Micheau (1637-1702) spent the last ten of his life. A large number of contributors allowed the project to progress smoothly. Donations are still welcome, however, as reaching the financial goal is quite a long way off. Our website indicates how to contribute.

Due to the health constraints caused by COVID-19, we have not been able to organize an annual gathering in June 2020. But this year, we will be using ZOOM video conferencing technology to hold an annual general meeting (AGA). To participate, an electronic tablet or a computer connected the Internet is required. During the meeting, you will be able to comment, and /or ask any question you may have in writing (chat). The convocation notice explains how to register for the General assembly, you will find it further in this bulletin.

And as we are talking of our Brelan, you will notice that once again, it contains unpublished information about Michaud families and their ancestors. Like these members, I invite you to take some time to share photos and stories about your ancestors, your Michaud family or yourself!

The spring edition is the renewal of membership fees. For those concerned, a further in this Brelan’s, you will find your membership renewal form to be completed and returned with your contribution; more simple, without fear, you may use the on line payment facility. Do not waste any time in sending in your contribution and therefore, continue to enjoy the many benefits of being a member.

It is thanks to the renewal of your membership that we can achieve such great things every year. Some go further by getting involved financially in the “Marqueur de familles in Kamouraska” project, by contributing to our genealogical database, by writing articles for the Brelan or by investing even more like the members of the board of directors. But it is the effort of each of you, no matter what form and scale, that ensures the continuity of your family association. Many thanks to all!

Have a great summer!


Alain Michaud (1480), president

Translated by Lise Michaud Landry (1375)

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