LiseMichaudLandryWith great pleasure, on behalf of the Administration council and the editorial team, I offer you this new edition of the Brelan.

You will notice the very new modern colourful cover page inviting you to read its content.

You will also notice that our coat of arms is well in evidence. Created during our pioneer's mandate, our coat of arms will always appear, publication after publication, in order to honour and thank them.

Our Association's current big event is needless to say the Annual General Meeting. This year, in a spirit of solidarity, we have decided to accept an invitation from the Acadian World Congress by participating in this particular day devoted to all Michauds, and organized by Bernard Michaud, on August 16, 2014 in St. Agatha, Maine. I would be very proud to see many of us attend.

On Saturday August 16, our Annual General Meeting will take place, followed by a Friendship Brunch. After the Brunch, we will joint the Michaud gathering.

Followed a well established tradition, our Association hosted a stand during the Salon du Patrimoine Familial on February 21, 22 and 23 in Québec City. Many thanks to Jean-Eudes who organized it and to the volunteers who joined him for the occasion.

And we have more good news: our devoted secretary Alain has created a new website, more modern and more accessible. Take a good look at Many thanks, Alain, for your generosity. Our thanks also go to Jean-Claude who since 2006 has looked after our site.

At the Administration Council, we have noticed an important reduction of our membership. Of course, deaths and illnesses of members somehow explain this situation. However, I ask you, dear members, to propose to the younger generations the benefits of joigning our Association. We know nonetheless that many Michauds are curious about their genealogy. Therefore, I rely on you to promote our Association and I thank you in advance.

I wish here to thank warmly our Brelan's editing team, Isabelle Deblois-Michaud and Andrée Michaud, who devote so many hours to every edition of the Brelan. Well done girls!

To conclude, let's get together at our General Assembly next August 16th.

On behalf of the Administration Council,

Lise Michaud Landry (no 1375),

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